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Healthy Treats: Crispy Peanut Butter Bars

We’d like to welcome Erika Peterson of Clean Simple Foodie, a sweet friend of ours who shares the love of promoting health and fitness (as well as delicious food)!  A special THANK YOU  to her for sharing this delicious recipe with Gym Gab!   For a chance to win Erika’s incredible e-book “Clean Simple Eats,”… Read more »


As we all have learned, “hind-sight is 20/20” — and that runs true for gymnasts, too. Sometimes as gymnasts, parents, and even as coaches, we don’t realize many things we are learning until we look back on our experiences. We would like to introduce a new series of posts called LIVED, LOVED, & LEARNED that invites former gymnasts to… Read more »

A Pinch-Free St. Patrick’s Day

Did you know that March and November start on the same day of the week every single year?! Neither did we.  These months also have something else in common–the exciting changing of seasons (and by seasons, we mean GYMNASTICS seasons!!). This month State Meets will be held across the nation and we are well aware… Read more »

Cure Winter Blues with Greens

Is it March already?!?! For our kids in the gym, that means only a few more practices to prepare for State Meet! For our little one’s at home, it signifies a countdown to lucky charms, gold coins, and green milk! So, to celebrate State Meet and Saint Patty’s Day, we present a list of GREENS… Read more »

Tiny Takes on Gymnastics

Here they are . . . Gymnastics questions answered by these tiny gymnasts in our Gym Gab video by Plus One Productions.  Though they be cute answers, they aren’t necessarily the most accurate! For more thorough information about common gymnastics questions search the Gym Gab archives. Have your own gymnastics questions?! Contact us. A special thanks to our… Read more »

DIY: Barbie Leotard

  Photo Credit | Corinn Cattermole Makenna’s little girl was introduced to Barbies by her cousin at a young age and was immediately hooked. Makenna, however, hated the idea of little shoes, constant finagling of miniature clothes, and most frustrating (but unavoidable): the NAKED BARBIE! Luckily, Santa found a solution to the Barbie debate and delivered the Princess Ballerina Barbie Set  (no… Read more »

With a heavy heart . . .

I have felt nothing but sadness all day and the only thing I can think to do, is write. In the gymnastics community there are many who are inspired by the talented young gymnast, Sage Thompson (aka super gymnast sage). Although, thousands of people are privileged to watch Sage grow and progress as a gymnast on… Read more »

Valentine’s Giveaway

Photo | AmyLynn Studios Valentine Giveaway on |Facebook| Feb. 14th – 20th Visit our |Facebook| page for details on how to enter and what you win. Happy Valentine’s Day & Good Luck!

Loving Your Gymnast Better

We wouldn’t dare try to claim that we are parenting experts, but we DO know a little about kiddos in the gym. We get asked frequently what we think is the best for these amazing children we coach and, honestly, we believe that the best thing for your kiddos is to figure out what they need to feel… Read more »

A Lesson from Russia

  Years ago, my (Jessie) hubby was able to spend two years in Russia learning their language, culture, and the best ways to serve them. So you can only imagine how much more we are excited about the Olympics with them being in the place he holds dear to his heart! When my husband got back from… Read more »

Wednesday Write In – timid gymnasts

Last week, a coach in my (Makenna) program forwarded me a parent email, with hopes that I could help with an educated response. Although the questions were specific to the parent’s child, I felt that her concerns were not unique. My hope in sharing my thoughts on Gym Gab is that I can provide useful… Read more »


HAIR-THEY-DO-THAT?! As coaches, technique and execution is what we notice when we watch little gymnasts, but when we are in mother-mode, seeing a cute leotard or hairdo is what makes us look twice!  We thought you’d love to see some of our favorite gym-friendly Valentine hairstyles with  how-tos so you can try them out on… Read more »