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Happy Easter!

What do bunnies and lil gymnasts have in common?  1)  They both love to HOP. 2) They both like carrots. 3) They both love SPRING (season or floors & boards). 4) They both are sweet and cuddly. 5) They both love to find tiny spaces to crawl into. 6) They both can be super hard… Read more »

Last Minute Easter Finds

One thing you must know about us is that we love holidays just about as much as gymnastics! Since Easter is this weekend, we thought we’d give you a few last minute ideas that would be perfect for a gymnastics-lover’s Easter Basket and/or Easter Eggs! Our trick to last minute shopping? Amazon Prime. Psst . . …. Read more »


There are moments in every gymnast’s lives that play back to them over and over again shaping their mind and their memory of themselves as a gymnast. One such memory, I (Jessie) am pleased and grateful to share with one of my former gymnasts, Tessa. This little gymnast (now a grown woman) was always mature beyond her… Read more »

Green Smoothie Goddess

As Spring is upon us, we can’t help but notice all of the GREEN greeting us at every turn.  One thing that we’ve thought a lot about is introducing you to The Green Smoothie Goddess, a dear friend and mother of a darling gymnast that Jessie once coached.  Liz Phalp is known for her love and… Read more »

Gym Gab Fan – AVA

One of our favorite things about authoring a gymnastics blog is getting to meet new people! To celebrate all of our wonderful fans & new friends, we would like to introduce a new SPOTLIGHT series – GYM GAB FAN. Because gymnastics is not only a sport but also a lifestyle, we are excited and anxious to… Read more »

Road Trip Free Printables

Time flies when you’re having fun–and this season must have been pretty awesome because a lot of you are working toward Regionals!!! Yikes and YAY!!! Makenna will make her way to Regionals on a plane later this week, but many of her gymnasts and their families are making the ten hour drive! Because Jessie has… Read more »


I (Jessie) think many (if not ALL) of us have ooohed and awwwwed over some nice sets of abs we like to call a six-pack. I’m betting that if you have a gymnast in your home, you’re more than aware of their existence. But why are they called six-packs and how in the blazes do you get… Read more »

Meet Season Good To Knows

It’s time for some Junior Olympic Meet Season Facts! Here are simple answers to common questions we heard in the stands this year. Please note that our answers apply to the Women’s JO levels 1-10. Although some information may apply to the Xcel program as well, we will provide more detailed information for that program in… Read more »


Two weekends ago my son had his first State Meet and I concluded my first season as a Gymnastics Mom as opposed to a Gymnastics Coach. I went into the season worrying about how everything would go for both my son and me but then left the season with a new understanding of why I didn’t need to… Read more »

Grounds to Workout

Happy First Day of Spring! As coaches (and let’s be honest, as women) we are huge advocates of the word “workout,” but as mothers, we are also huge fans of the words “get out”–as in GET OUT DOORS. We love that spring is finally here and with the warmer days comes more time outside! Today, as we celebrate our… Read more »

Forget Luck

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We wish you all the luck of the Irish today, but hope you really won’t need it! Why?! Here at Gym Gab, we hope to provide some tools that will leave you feeling more empowered and less dependent on luck! Leotards from Destira & GK Elite At our gym every week, we find time to… Read more »

Weekend Gab: Makenna

As women, as coaches, and especially as mothers, we (Jessie & Makenna) spend a lot of time talking. We like to GAB–which is one reason we LOVE having a place to put our thoughts and feelings and one reason we call our blog Gym GAB. We’d like to preface our first WEEKEND GAB post by saying that… Read more »