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Meet Makenna

I’m a former gymnast, but more relevant now, I’m a gymnastics coach, wife of a gymnastics coach, and mother of two little gymnasts.  I’ve worked at competitive gyms and recreational gyms in several states. I’ve coached babies in parent-tot classes, teens in optional levels, and everything in between. Between my husband and I, we have over 25 years of gymnastics coaching experience. I understand the sweat, sacrifices, and passion it requires to achieve excellence. I also know it’s not the number of hours one practices, or the skill level one achieves, but rather, a genuine love for the sport, that truly makes one a gymnast!

Through all of my experiences, I’ve met hundreds of inspiring individuals. Gym Gab, is the collaboration of talents, creativity, and ideas of the family and friends whom I have enlisted to share in this dream. I hope to introduce you to the amazing contributors along the way!


Why the Blog

Over the past decade-plus of coaching, I have had many gymnastics-related conversations with parents. After repeating topics with new generations of parents (oh so many times!), I decided it was time to take my experiences, knowledge and opinions and turn them into a fun distributable format. As a gymnastics parent, you have limited options when seeking insight into the gym world. Unfortunately, most of your information comes from the parent sitting next to you in the viewing area. I wanted to remedy this! Starting in 2013 I played around with different ideas and postsand Gym Gab was born.

 What Gym Gab Has to Offer

The sport of gymnastics has something to offer everyone. Similarly, Gym Gab has something to offer every parent, whether your child be a beginner or trains 30 hours a week. Through gymnastics-related information, fashion trends, spotlights, skill explanations, parent tips, product reviews, give-aways, DIY projects, rules and procedures, motivational tools, and more, Gym Gab shares insight to assist in your ever-so-important role; a gym parent!