“How was gym today?” is a question every gym parent wants to ask their kid on the car ride home.¬†Unfortunately this age-old, open-ended question loses it’s importance when the word “fine” become the oh-so common answer. ¬†Here is a list of 25 questions to ask your athlete (not all in the same day of course), that will provide some welcome variety to you and your athlete!

25 Questions to ask your gymnast, other than how was workout? | Kids gymnastics


1. What were you most proud of at gym today?

2. What was the hardest thing you did today?

3. What correction do you remember the most today? And why?

4. What compliment do you remember most today?

5. What muscles do you think worked the hardest today?

6. Were you proud of any of your teammates today?

7. Who was a great example to you today? And why?

8. What was the funniest thing about gymnastics today?

9. If you could have worked only one skill today, what would it have been?

10. What was your favorite assignment today?

11. Pick one word to describe today’s workout.

12. On a scale of 1 to 10 how hard did you work today?

13. On a scale of 1 to 10 how much did you love workout today?

14. Pick one word to describe your attitude during workout.

15. What was the best thing about Beam today?

16. What was the best thing about Bars today?

17. What was the best thing about Floor today?

18. What was the best thing about Vault today?

19. If you weren’t at workout today, what would you have missed out on?

20. What made today better than yesterday?

21. Who inspired you at the gym today?

22. Right now, why are you glad you are a gymnast?

23. What do you want to do different tomorrow?

24. What skills will you be doing in your dreams tonight?

25. What weaknesses did you work towards turning into strengths today?



  1. Ann

    I love these. My daughter’s gym is only a few miles from home, but with 3 practices a week we make a lot of trips!

  2. Kim Chamberland Deming

    I love these! I always ask that questions “how was gym tonight”! Now I have other things to ask!

  3. Jade Carver

    I love these. Even though I am a coach and not a “gym mom” (or mum, as we are in the UK), I am going to finish my sessions with one of these questions! X

  4. Cynthia Kern Pacheco

    This is an awesome article thanks so much! Always struggle to find out how gym was without turning into a nag.

  5. Polly Gaines Giebler

    Love these, but as the teacher / gymnast mom that I am, take these and turn them into school questions too!

  6. Nancy @ Have Heart Will Travel

    Thank you for this list! After 5 1/2 years of car rides after gym, sometimes I do get stuck on ways to get good information out of my girl. I believe it’s a helpful time to let them process, too, so I’m grateful for the help!

  7. Denise Frazier

    My granddaughter is 10 and wants to take gymnastics, she has asthma and my question is: Would she be able to participate in doing gymnastics? What do you recommend.

    Thank you
    Denise Frazier

    • Gym Gab

      We have several gymnasts at our club who have asthma and still enjoy the sport of gymnastics! They have communicated with their doctors and coaches concerning their individual needs. For instance, one of our gymnasts keeps her inhaler with her. The other will skip practice or sit out if she is having a harder time breathing. Check with her doctor and give her coaches a heads up. They should be happy to work with you! Hope this helps and hope your granddaughter has fun :)

  8. Cassie

    Does anyone have any advice as to where I could buy a gymnastics bar for my gymnast for a good price? I need one that can tolerate more advanced skills and older girls. My daughter is 12 years old and she is a level 6. She weighs about 95 pounds so I also need it to have a strong weight limit and good stability.

  9. Kelly

    These are great, with practice four to five days a week, it would be nice to have longer discussions.

  10. Lexi

    Parents please ask your gymnasts if they are happy and let them know it is ok to stop if they are unhappy. Please ask them if they are being pressured by coaches to diet or working out when they are injured. I beg you! I wish I had been asked this when I was a gymnast. I was to scared to say how miserable I was and how abusive my coaches were. Your child’s happiness is far more important.


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