2015 Gymnastics Gift Giveaway

It’s time for the annual Gym Gab Stocking Stuffer Giveaway! Over  two-hundred dollars worth of gymnastics gifts will find their way into one lucky gymnast’s stocking this year!


Gymnastics Gifts


1. $50 Leotard Gift Card | Destira Leotards
2. No Excuses: The Aimee Walker Pond Biography | Impact Publishing
3. Gymnastics Emergency Kit | Griptastik
4. Gymnastics Pins | It’s All Eye Candy
5. Scripted Gymnast Necklace | TEN.O
6. Gymnastics Grip Bag | It’s All Eye Candy
7. Personalized Gymnastics Pillowcase | Mary’s Canary
8. Premium Washable Tape Grips | Griptastik
9. Dazzle Water Bottle | Alpha Factor

Interested in MORE gift ideas for your gymnast’s stocking? Gym Gab’s 2015 FIFTY Gymnastics Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide is coming your way next week! Until then, check out the unique items listed above or take a peek at Gym Gab’s 2014 Stocking Stuffer List.

Gym Gab’s 2014 Stocking Stuffer Guide

For BIGGER Gymnastics Gift Ideas check out

Gym Gab’s Home Equipment Ideas!

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