10.0 List: Grab & Go Snacks

Between our coaching schedules, working-out, our daughter’s gymnastics classes, preschool, etc., our family spends a lot of time running around. We also accrue a large balance on our gym pro-shop snack account! I’ve made a resolution this month to stock my fridge (and car) with convenient, nutritious foods in order to keep my family healthy and full. I know a lot of gym moms are picking their children up from school and dashing straight to gymnastics practice. For the bunch of us, I’ve put together a 10.0 list of Grab & Go Snacks to help fuel our active families! The products listed are linked to store locators (two are linked to online purchasing options). If you can’t find the exact brand at a store near you, try other variations of the same healthy concept.  Happy (nutritious & convenient) snacking!

Healthy Grab & Go Snacks | Gym Gab
#1. Blue Diamond Almonds
#2. Frigo String Cheese
#3. Mann’s Veggies & Dip
#4. Chobani Champions Yogurt
#5. Rickland Orchards Greek on the Go
#6. Crunch Pac Apple Slices
#7. Jif To Go Peanut Butter
#8. Justin’s Honey Almond Butter
#9. Cliff Kid ZBar
#10. Kashi 7 Grain Snack Crackers
Note: Gym Gab is an affiliate of Amazon.

Still To Come: Preparing Healthy Snacks!

6 Responses to “10.0 List: Grab & Go Snacks”

    • Michelle

      Sunbutter is a great alternative to peanut butter :) I love the No bake Energy Bites recipe:

      1 c dry oatmeal
      1/2 c sunbutter
      1/2 c choc chips (I use Enjoy Life brand)
      1/3 c honey
      1/2 c ground flax seeds or chia seeds
      1 tsp vanilla

      Just mix all the ingredients together and form into little balls. My kids love these :)

      As for other good gym snacks w/o nuts how about a hardboiled egg, all natural meat sticks (Whole Foods), all-natural turkey jerky (Earth Fare), veggies & hummus, Cascadian Farms granola bars, Kashi cereal bars, and any Enjoy Life products.

      Hope these help!

      • Brittany

        Thank you!!! I have been looking for energy bites or protien bites for my daughter she is always hungry after practice!


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